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Ruhong Zhou, AAAS Fellow & APS Fellow, is currently Qiushi Chair Professor;  Dean, College of Life Sciences;  Dean, Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study;  and Director, Institute of Quantitative Biology, Zhejiang University, and an Adjunct Professor at Department of Chemistry, Columbia University. Before that, he was a Distinguished Research Staff Scientist, and Head of the Soft Matter Science Department at IBM Research.  His main research interests focus on Quantitative Biology; Machine Learning, Deep Learning in Biology; Biophysics; and Bio-Nano Interface (nanomedicine). Dr. Zhou has authored and co-authored more than 300 journal publications (including 32 in Science, Nature, Cell, Nature subjournals, and PNAS) with 20000+ total citations (H-index 75), filed 32 international patents and delivered 300+ invited talks at major conferences and universities worldwide. He is part of the IBM BlueGene team that won the 2009 National Medal on Technology (presented by President Obama). He has won the IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (the highest technical award within IBM; 10 times), the IBM Outstanding Innovation Award (twice), and many IBM Research Division Awards. He also won the American Chemical Society DEC Award on Computational Chemistry. He was elected to AAAS Fellow (American Association of Advancement of Science) and APS Fellow (American Physical Society) in 2011. He received his PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from Columbia University, MS in Condensed Matter Physics and BS in Physics both from Zhejiang University.


Representative Publicaitons:


1.   David R Bell, Jeffrey K Weber, Wang Yin, Tien Huynh, Wei Duan*, Ruhong Zhou*, In silico design and validation of high-affinity RNA aptamers targeting epithelial cellular adhesion molecule dimersProc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 117, 8486–8493,  2020

2.      Rizwan Ahmed, Zahra Omidian, Adebola Giwa, Benjamin Cornwell, Neha Majety, David R. Bell, Sangyun Lee, Hao Zhang, Aaron Michels, Stephen Desiderio, Scheherazade Sadegh-Nasseri, Hamid Rabb, Mario Suva, Simon Gritsch, Patrick Cahan, R. H. Zhou*, Chunfa Jie, Thomas Donner and Abdel R. Hamad*, Analysis of antigen-receptor sequences of a unique lymphocyte reveals a T cell-neoantigen encoded in a public BCR of T1D patientsCell, 177, 1583–1599,  2019

3.      Binquan Luan*, R. H. Zhou, Spontaneous ssDNA stretching on graphene and hexagonal boron nitride in plane heterostructuresNature Commun. 10, 4610, 2019

4.      Xiaomei Wang, Xing Dai, Cen Shi, Jianmei Wan, Mark A. Silver, Linjuan Zhang, Lanhua Chen, Xuan Yi, Bizheng Chen, Duo Zhang, Kai Yang, Juan Diwu*, Jianqiang Wang, Yujie Xu, R. H. Zhou*, Zhifang Chai, Shuao Wang*, A 3, 2-Hydroxypyridinone-based Decorporation Agent that Removes Uranium from Bones In VivoNature Commun. 10, 2570, 2019

5.      Diego Chowell, Luc GT Morris, Claud M Grigg, Jeffrey K Weber, Robert M Samstein, Vladimir Makarov, Fengshen Kuo, Sviatoslav M Kendall, David Requena, Nadeem Riaz, Benjamin Greenbaum, James Carroll, Edward Garon, David M Hyman, Ahmet Zehir, David Solit, Michael Berger, R. H. Zhou, Naiyer A Rizvi, Timothy A Chan, Patient HLA class I genotype influences cancer response to checkpoint blockade immunotherapyScience, 359, 582-587,  2018

6.      Ge Fang, Weifeng Li, Xiaomei Shen, Jose Manuel Perez-Aguilar, Yu Chong, Xingfa Gao, Zhifang Chai, Chunying Chen, Cuicui Ge*, and R. H. Zhou*, Differential Pd-Nanocrystal Facets Demonstrate Distinct Antibacterial Activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative BacteriaNature Communications, 9, 129, 2018

7.      Yu Chong, Xing Dai, Ge Fang, Renfei Wu, Lin Zhao, Xiaochuan Ma, Xin Tian, Sangyun Lee, Chao Zhang, Chunying Chen, Zhifang Chai, Cuicui Ge, and R. H. Zhou, Palladium Concave Nanocrystals with High-index Facets Accelerate Ascorbate Oxidation in Cancer TreatmentNature Communications, 9, 4861, 2018

8.      Alok V. Joglekar, Zhe Liu, Jeffrey K. Weber, Yong Ouyang, John D. Jeppson, Won Jun Noh, Pedro A. Lamothe-Molina, Huabiao Chen, Seung-gu Kang, Michael T. Bethune, R. H. Zhou*, Bruce D. Walker, David Baltimore*, HIV-specific T cell receptors from patients with differential immunologic control are functionally indistinguishableProc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 115, 1877-1882, 2018

9.      through Graphene–MoS2 Heterostructure Nanopores,J. Phys. Chem. Lett.9, 3409–3415, 2018

10.    Nana Luo, Jeffrey K. Weber, Shuang Wang, Binquan Luan, Hua Yue, Xiaobo Xi, Jing Du, Zaixing Yang, Wei Wei, R. H. Zhou*, Guanghui Ma*, PEGylated Graphene Oxide Elicits Strong Immunological Responses Despite Surface PassivationNature Communications, 8, 14537, 2017

11.    T. Zheng, Z. X. Yang, D. Gui, Z. Liu, X. Wang, X. Dai, S. Liu, L. Zhang, Y. Gao, L. Chen, D. Sheng, Y. Wang, J. Diwu, J. Wang, R. H. Zhou*, Z. F. Chai, T. E. Albrecht-Schmitt, and S. Wang*, Overcoming the crystallization and designability issues in the ultrastable zirconium phosphonate framework system, Nature Communications 8, 15369, 2017

12.    Y. Li, Z. Yang, Y. Wang, Z. Bai, T. Zheng, X. Dai, S. Liu, D. Gui, W. Liu, M. Chen, L. Chen, J. Diwu, L. Zhu, R. H. Zhou*, Z. Chai, T. E. Albrecht-Schmitt, and S. Wang*, A Robust Mesoporous Cationic Thorium Organic Framework that Rapidly Traps Large Anionic Persistent Organic PollutantsNature Communications, 8, 1354, 2017

13.    Zhonghe Xu, Yang Sun, Jeffrey K. Weber, Yi Cao, Wei Wang, Daniel Jasinski, Peixuan Guo, R. H. Zhou, and Jingyuan Li, Directional mechanical stability of Bacteriophage ϕ29 motor’s 3WJ-pRNA: extraordinary robustness along portal axisScience Advances, 3, e1601684, 2017

14.    Michael C. Baxa, Wookyung Yu, Aashish N. Adhikari, Liang Ge, Zhen Xia, R. H. Zhou*, Karl F. Freed, Tobin R. Sosnick*, Even with non-native interactions, the updated folding transition states of the homologs Protein G & L are extensive and similar, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 112, 8302-8307, 2015

15.    Guillaume Stirnemann, Seung-Gu Kang, R. H. Zhou, and B. J. Berne, How Force Unfolding Differs from Chemical DenaturationProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 111, 3413-3418, 2014

16.    Y. Tu, M. Lv, P. Xiu, T. Huynh, M. Zhang, M. Castelli, Z. R. Liu, Q. Huang, C. H. Fan, H. P. Fang, and R. H. Zhou, Destructive Extraction of Phospholipids from E. Coli Membrane by a Graphene NanosheetNature Nanotech. 8, 594-601, 2013

17.    B. Dai, S. G. Kang, T. Huynh, H. Z. Lei, M. Castelli, J. Hu, Y. Zhang and R. H. Zhou, Salts Drive Controllable Multi-Layered Upright Assembly of Amyloid-like Peptides at Mica/Water InterfaceProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 110, 8543-8548, 2013

18.    L. Cong, R. H. Zhou, Y. C. Kuo, M. Cunniff, and F. Zhang, Comprehensive Interrogation of Natural TALE DNA Binding Modules and Transcriptional Repressor Domains, Nature Commun. 3, 968, 2012

19.    S. G. Kang, G. Q. Zhou, P. Yang, Y. Liu, B. Y. Sun, T. Huynh, H. Meng, L. Zhao, G. M. Xing, C. Y. Chen, Y. L. Zhao, R. H. Zhou, Molecular Mechanism of Pancreatic Tumor Metastases Inhibition by Metallofullerenol Gd@C82(OH)22: Implication for de novo Design of NanomedicineProc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 109, 15431-15436, 2012 (featured article)

20.    P. Das, J. A. King, and R. H. Zhou, Aggregation of D-Crystallin Associated with Human Cataracts via Domain Swapping at the C-terminal -strands, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 108, 10514-10519, 2011 (featured article)

21.    C. Ge, J. F. Du, L. Zhao, L. Wang, Y. Liu, D. H. Li, Y. Yang, R. H. Zhou, Y. L. Zhao, Z. F. Chai, C. Y. Chen, Binding of human serum proteins on single-wall carbon nanotubes reduces cytotoxicityProc. Natl. Acad. Sci, 108, 16968-16973, 2011 (featured article)

22.    Y. Tu, P. Xiu, R. Wan, J. Hu, R. H. Zhou and H. Fang, Water-mediated signal multiplication with Y-shaped carbon nanotubes, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 106, 18120-18124, 2009

23.    L. Hua, R. H. Zhou, D. Thirumalai, B. J. Berne, Urea denaturation by stronger dispersion interactions with proteins than water implies a 2-stage unfoldingProc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 105, 16928-16933, 2008 (featured article)

24.    J. Li, X. Gong, H. Lu, D. Li, H. Fang and R. H. Zhou, Electrostatic Gating of a Nanometer Water ChannelProc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 104, 3687-3692, 2007

25.    R. H. Zhou, M. Eleftheriou, A. Royyuru, B. J. Berne, Destruction of long-range interactions by a single mutation in lysozymeProc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 104, 5824-5829, 2007

26.    P. Liu, X. Huang, R. H. Zhou and B. J. Berne, Observation of a dewetting transition in the collapse of melittin tetramerNature, 437, 159-162, 2005

27.    R. H. Zhou, X. Huang, C. Margulius and B. J. Berne, Hydrophobic Collapse in Multi-domain Protein Folding, Science305, 1605-1609, 2004

28.    R. H. Zhou, Trp-cage: Folding Free Energy Landscape in Explicit WaterProc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 100, 13280-13285, 2003

29.    R. H. Zhou and B. J. Berne, Can a continuum solvent model reproduce the free energy landscape of a beta-hairpin folding in water?Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 99, 12777-12782, 2002

30.    R. H. Zhou, B. J. Berne and R. Germain, Free energy landscape of a beta-hairpin folding in explicit waterProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 98, 14931-14936, 2001

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