Institute of Quantitative Biology, Zhejiang University was established in August 2020. The institute aims to explore the general laws of biological systems by systematically working out the life movements at all levels and making the internal connections from the microscopic atomic, molecular and cellular levels to the macroscopic life systems by using high-performance computing and machine learning with artificial intelligence etc. The institute will leverage the multidisciplinary strengths of Zhejiang University and focus on physics, chemistry, biology and materials science to promote quantitative biology research through theory and experiment in the areas of molecular mechanisms of tumor immunity, pathogenesis of major infectious diseases, nanobiological effects and nano-drugs, molecular motor nanorobots and super-sensory robots for taste and smell, and build an international first-class quantitative biology platform. The goal is to create a world-class quantitative biology platform for basic research and implementation of research results.
Institute of Quantitative Biology, Zhejiang University
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